Why Do All These Electric Cars Have Grilles?

There's more and more electric cars being shown at auto shows and released every year. They're here to stay, and I'm all for it— the more ways we can power cars, the better. Bring on the steam, atomic, and orgone energy cars. But these new electrics are bringing with them some interesting design challenges that right… »11/29/12 2:00pm11/29/12 2:00pm

New Grille for Subaru: Flying You-Know-What We Hardly Knew Ye

Robert Farago once vividly pointed out that the grille of the Subaru Tribeca SUV resembled part of the female anatomy taken to wing. Whether or not you think that's a stretch (Dr. Rorschach, call the front desk), Subaru has decided its propeller grille is out of style and in need of alterations. Australia's Carsguide »8/28/06 10:56am8/28/06 10:56am