Lake Effect Snow: How Nature's Greatest Snow Machine Works

The above photo, taken from a plane above Buffalo yesterday by photographer Jeff Suhr, shows the brutal lake effect snow storm in effect over Western New York right now. Some areas are expecting up to six feet of snow by the end of the week. These snowstorms are among the most intense in the world, and the processes… »11/19/14 7:12am11/19/14 7:12am


Remembering the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, 36 years later

On November 10th, 1975 — 36 years ago today — the SS Edmund Fitzgerald — also known as the "Titanic of the Great Lakes" — sank in Canadian waters approximately 17 miles from the entrance to Whitefish Bay, at the mouth of Lake Superior. Although the Fitzgerald had reported being in difficulty earlier in the evening,… »11/10/11 10:30am11/10/11 10:30am