Look Out, Below: Pebble Beach to Host Gravity Racers

These days, soap boxes are flimsy affairs just barely larger than the actual bar of soap — not at all the kind of thing you'd send your kid screaming down a hill in Akron, Ohio in. Now, soap box derby cars are called "gravity racers" and the designers no longer labor in midwestern basements, with restless pre-teens… » 6/20/06 1:35pm 6/20/06 1:35pm

The Girl Who Lives on Russian Hill: Lombard Street Tricycle Races

We were in love with a girl who once lived on Russian Hill. She had a worn-out smile that she'll wear some more. And a worn-out welcome mat outside her door. But more pertinently, we used to wheel our '75 El Camino down the brick-hewn, twisty portion of Lombard Street at 15mph, sawing the wheel from side to side and… » 4/17/06 9:08pm 4/17/06 9:08pm