Race Cars Are Not An Efficient Tool For Removing Grass, Kyle Busch

After finally cracking into the top 30 in the Sprint Cup standings last weekend with a second place finish at Watkins Glen, Kyle Busch had an unfortunate off in practice this morning that will force him to use a back-up car for tomorrow’s race. Per Autoweek, that back-up car means he’ll start from the back. »8/15/15 3:14pm8/15/15 3:14pm

Astroturf-Covered Lada Niva Brings New Meaning To Driving Range

We're not so sure how we feel about grass-covered cars. Sure you can make the argument that they're eco-friendly or whatever, but it just seems like so much upkeep. We would much rather have to wash and wax our car than fertilize and mow it. But what if you covered your ride with grass-like astroturf? And what if your… »5/13/08 9:40am5/13/08 9:40am