Watch Europe's Borders Change Rapidly Over 1,000 Years In This Awesome Animation

Sometimes we forget just how chaotic Europe’s geopolitical past was. Long before the Nazis or the Soviet Union caused great shifts in the balance of power, endless conflicts shifted the continent’s borders time and time again. When put in perspective, empires rose and fell in the blink of an eye. This awesome… »Yesterday 5:33pm11/29/15 5:33pm


These Graphics Reveal All The Submarines Based In Europe And Asia

Our friends over at Naval Graphics came up with a pair of charts showing all the submarines based in Europe and Asia, including the type and quantity for each country. These are truly outstanding charts that can help us understand each country’s capabilities and the potential threats they face. »11/23/15 9:25am11/23/15 9:25am

These Graphics Show The USAF's Recon, Spec Ops, Rescue And Tanker Inventory

The folks over at Contemporary Issues and Geography have done an amazing job at creating highly detailed inventory charts of different air arms, and they are currently knee-deep detailing the USAF’s entire force structure. They have already released the Air Force’s fighter inventory graphic, and now they have released… »8/15/15 3:01pm8/15/15 3:01pm

Here's Your Go-To Graphic To Understand The Air Force Fighter Inventory

If you want to quantify the fleet size and squadron structure of every type of U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft in service — and why wouldn’t you! — this graphic is your awesome go-to guide. It also gives you a great visual idea of really how big our fighter force is, or how small, depending on how you look at it… »8/03/15 12:28pm8/03/15 12:28pm

BALTOPS May Have Ended But Tensions Around The Baltic Sea Have Not

The USS Vicksburg, many of the ships seen here, and an expanded flotilla of allied ships from the region took part in BALTOPS ‘15, which ended on Saturday. The elaborate exercise, which reinforced strong NATO and allied bonds, has led to increased tensions with Russia as historically neutral parties in the region may… »6/21/15 2:15pm6/21/15 2:15pm

ABT Sportsline Shows Off Carbon Fiber Film Wrap For Audi R8, Q7

We've all seen cars with full-body advertising wraps; now tuner ABT Sportsline »10/24/08 1:00pm10/24/08 1:00pm has taken the concept to its logical "" (MICE) conclusion with a carbon fiber film wrap for the and . The wrap is just a thin adhesive film printed and textured to be nearly indistinguishable from actual carbon fiber. And, while the…