Unbelievable GTA IV Shots Look Like Real Photos Of New York City

This week's gaming conversation has been dominated by Grand Theft Auto V, but these screenshots from a modded PC version of GTA IV are the most mind-blowing thing you'll see today. » 9/20/13 7:32am 9/20/13 7:32am

How to cook your own Grand Theft Auto burger

Grand Theft Auto's famous Cluckin' Bell chain of restaurants have a mainstay menu item called the Fowl Burger. Looking like a filthy chicken burger, costing only $1 and regenerating health makes them magical. So magical it's worth trying to prepare your own, in the real world. » 12/29/11 10:45am 12/29/11 10:45am

The Difference Between L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto

But when I put L.A. Noire in the hands of someone who loves GTA, guess what he tried to do first? He discovered just how different these two games are. Watch.… [ Kotaku » 5/18/11 4:00pm 5/18/11 4:00pm]

Auto-Inspiration: The Real-Life Cars Behind Grand Theft Auto IV

It may not have the racing chops of say Gran Turismo 5 Prologue or Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Grand Theft Auto IV is still a big-title game for 2008 (probably the biggest wethinks) with some big-time automotive tie-ins. There are more than 100 different vehicles to play with, most of which are inspired in one way… » 6/04/08 4:00pm 6/04/08 4:00pm

MADD Upset Over Drunk Driving In GTA4

For those that haven't turned on a television or viewed any other website in the past 48 hours, the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV was released to the masses. Like previous GTA's, driving is a huge part of the gameplay, but this version even includes drunk driving, which makes the folks at MADD a touch unhappy. » 5/02/08 5:00pm 5/02/08 5:00pm

Let The Grand Theft Auto Parodies Begin

We're not sure whether this is funny, sad, ignorant, offensive, or a quaint mix of all four, but it is something. Our two zeros attempt to evoke some form of humor through a fun mix cardboard box carjacking and emulation of mental disability. We're pretty sure these two don't understand what autism is, or what a… » 5/01/08 6:00pm 5/01/08 6:00pm

New GTA IV Trailer Hits The Web Like A Molotov Cocktail

Our video game obsessed brothers just let us know the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV just hit XBOX Live yesterday afternoon and figured y'all might enjoy it. So — here's the GTA IV trailer entitled ""Move up, Ladies." And oh yes, if we were, we would. [via Kotaku] » 12/07/07 4:15pm 12/07/07 4:15pm