2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: Nick's Buick Regal Grand National

Nick here is going to talk to you today about his Buick Regal Grand National. This guy grabbed us as we were snapping some pictures of the black-as-night muscle cars as they were ready to head out and cruise Woodward Avenue, and urged us to take a look at his intercooled piece of motown metal. And we're glad he did… » 8/18/06 9:07am 8/18/06 9:07am

2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: A Fleet Of Buick Grand Nationals And A…

"Dedicated to the preservation and performance enhancement of turbocharged Buick V6-powered vehicles." —Michigan Buick Turbo Club » 8/17/06 12:25pm 8/17/06 12:25pm