PCH, Ticket To The Afterlife Edition: WRX-Powered Beetle or Granada Hearse?

Welcome to Project Car Hell »10/30/08 5:20pm10/30/08 5:20pm, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Not very surprisingly, the last time, so it seems only right to give another Beetle a shot at PCH glory. Since we're coming up on Halloween, let's have a couple of scary cars; scary for…

Spirit Of Billetproof Captured Perfectly: The Granada Rod!

Out of all the old Fords at the Billetproof Nor-Cal show, this one may have been our very favorite (yes, even beating out the undeniably awesome Maserati-powered Ford »9/22/08 3:15pm9/22/08 3:15pm). Why? It's really a Its creator had a bare, beat-to-hell shell sitting on one side of the garage… and a $100 '79 Ford Granada sitting on the other…

The 1982 Ford Granada Makes It Easy For The Germans To Steal France's Women

Now, you might think German men would be at a disadvantage when trying to score with the ladies in Paris, but she'll be saying "Ja, ja!" when Hans rolls into town in a brand-new Ford Granada. No, not this kind of Granada »9/12/08 11:00am9/12/08 11:00am- we mean ; Ford thought the name was that they needed to assign it to two totally different…

Can You Tell The 1978 Granada From a $20,000 Mercedes 280SE?

Somehow, the Ford Granada doesn't look quite as Mercedes-like in person as this ad claims, but maybe you need to get more into the Malaise spirit to really see it. Try looking at it through some Quaalude-tinted glasses, while imagining interest rates on that 280SE hovering around 18%. Granada... 280SE... Granada...… »3/04/08 2:30pm3/04/08 2:30pm

The 75-80 Ford Granada: Just Like A Mercedes, Really!

A huge-selling 70s American car you just don't hear much about these days, the Ford Granada (and its Mercury sibling, the Monarch) was once a common sight. You could get the Granada (not to be confused with the European Ford of the same name) with a 302 or even 351W, and of course it was rear-wheel drive. Ford based… »2/22/07 12:27pm2/22/07 12:27pm