Can You Tell The 1978 Granada From a $20,000 Mercedes 280SE?

Somehow, the Ford Granada doesn't look quite as Mercedes-like in person as this ad claims, but maybe you need to get more into the Malaise spirit to really see it. Try looking at it through some Quaalude-tinted glasses, while imagining interest rates on that 280SE hovering around 18%. Granada... 280SE... Granada...… » 3/04/08 2:30pm 3/04/08 2:30pm

What Were The Presidential Hopefuls' First Cars?

So all these folks who want to be President of the US of A, they get all long-winded about their big plans and all that, but what about the question we really care about? The AP asked a number of the hopefuls the question "What was your very first car?" Thus, we learn that Hillary Clinton started her driving life… » 12/11/07 8:00am 12/11/07 8:00am

The 75-80 Ford Granada: Just Like A Mercedes, Really!

A huge-selling 70s American car you just don't hear much about these days, the Ford Granada (and its Mercury sibling, the Monarch) was once a common sight. You could get the Granada (not to be confused with the European Ford of the same name) with a 302 or even 351W, and of course it was rear-wheel drive. Ford based… » 2/22/07 12:27pm 2/22/07 12:27pm