Graffiti, Deleted Tweets and IndyCar: Fallout From Kurt Busch Suspension

A suspension wasn't the only thing spawned by the Kurt Busch protective order ruling last week. Pit stall vandalism, regrettable tweets and even an IndyCar statement have been among the fallout from NASCAR's decision to suspend Kurt Busch indefinitely. Here's a rundown of everything you may have missed. » 2/24/15 12:02pm 2/24/15 12:02pm

This is now the world's most valuable Mazda Protege...

International man of mystery and X-Acto knife specialist Banksy continues his month-long residency in New York City with this piece that popped up yesterday on the Lower East Side. While it's no longer possible to see out of the car now that it's covered in paint, the owner should be thrilled that they now likely… » 10/10/13 9:15am 10/10/13 9:15am

Watch These Graffiti Masters Turn a Boeing 737 Into Airborne Art

Any Boeing 737 is a marvel of industrial achievement, but this one in particular is also a work of art. UK creative group HangFire recently completely transformed one of the giant flying machines with some amazing graffiti. » 8/13/13 10:20am 8/13/13 10:20am

Jalopnik fans tag Nürburgring

Though we weren't at this weekend's 24 Hours of Nürburgring in person, we continue to find that Jalopnik is everywhere the spirit of our readers live. Want proof? This mysterious and gigantic graffiti that popped up along the Nordschleife. » 6/29/11 1:30pm 6/29/11 1:30pm

Watch Love Bloom on the NY Subway

We've spent so much time talking about hatred on public transportation today, let's take a moment to consider the things that we love about it, okay? Here are a couple of cute subway-related videos that will make you go, "Awww." » 6/17/11 1:45pm 6/17/11 1:45pm

Does this car have a better ass than Pippa Middleton?

Lads in the UK have gone crazy for Pippa Middleton's rear end. It even has its own Facebook page. But one chap learned the hard way what happens when you let this fact be known to your girlfriend after she spray painted "IS PIPPAS BUM STILL BETTER THAM MINE???" on his car. » 5/13/11 4:00pm 5/13/11 4:00pm

Ridiculous MTA anti-graffiti ad is ridiculous

Credit to the New York MTA for posting this awesomely bad anti-grafitti campaign from 1988 entitled "Don't Do It." I'm sure it stopped kids from starting a life of vandalism that would certainly lead them down a road to ruin. » 4/27/11 4:30pm 4/27/11 4:30pm

Car Vandal Etches Poe Quote In Literate Graffiti Spree

A vandal who gouged 13 vehicles at a Pittsburgh-area dealership decided to use a 2006 Focus as a chalkboard, scrawling the Latin phrase "Nemo me inpune lacessit" on its flank. The recession really hasn't been good for literature majors. » 12/06/10 2:00pm 12/06/10 2:00pm

Russian Drawbridge Defaced With Giant Penis

It feels like we're mad-libbing headlines today, but here's a drawbridge in St. Petersburg, Russia that's been defaced with a depiction of a giant phallus. The genius part is that, when the bridge lifts skyward, so does the graffiti. [EnglishRussia] » 6/16/10 12:00pm 6/16/10 12:00pm

Hoboken Exit Repurposed As Ryu Combo Guide

A digital graffiti artist modified this I76 freeway sign in Philadelphia with a combo guide for Street Fighter character Ryu's new Hoboken attack. Too bad it's fake, I-76 goes towards boring old Atlantic City. » 3/09/10 11:00am 3/09/10 11:00am

Stop Sign Graffiti Lacks Self Awareness

The bulk of graffiti is just mindless tagging for the sake of tagging and though pretty at times, it's also pretty boring. When graffiti is clever it's far more enjoyable. For example: this stop sign ironically inked. [Infrastructurist] » 3/08/10 12:00pm 3/08/10 12:00pm

Roadsworth: Street Art Painted On Actual Streets

Sometimes it's the obvious ideas that turn out the best. Roadsworth takes the term "street art" literally, subverting the messages of road markings with the addition of basic stencils. Here's two galleries of his work. » 1/22/09 4:00pm 1/22/09 4:00pm