Chrysler PR Issues Release Going After Dodge Doggie Electrocution YouTube Video, We Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

We just received the following missive on the Dodge doggie electrocution Euro viral spot we showed you earlier. The release, which we're told can be attributed to Jason Vines, Vice President Communications, for the Chrysler Group will now commence: »7/19/07 6:15pm7/19/07 6:15pm

Phew! Glad we're not hosting our video on and still…


Dodge "Grabs Life" By Going Bold And Killing Horns In New Ad Campaign

The horn-y brand has got a new owner and now they've got a newly shortened tagline. Dodge is going from "Grab life by the horns" to just simply "Grab life" and now they've got a new ad campaign to sell it. They've done it on the cheap though, snagging images from old commercials, tossed together with images of… »7/09/07 9:45am7/09/07 9:45am