Helicopter Parents Rejoice: $200 Mini GPS Remote Tracking Device Now Available At NAPA

Stalkers » 9/02/08 3:40pm 9/02/08 3:40pm Parents have just gained a potent new weapon in their electronic babysitting arsenal, or at least a new outlet at which to purchase it. Your local NAPA auto parts store will soon be stocking the GPS Tracking Key, a cell-phone sized, battery-powered GPS tracking device with a built-in data recorder. Just use…

Paranoid Much? Try The GPS Tracker Defense Device

With GPS trackers becoming all the rage with overprotective parents, stalkers and jealous exes, it's only appropriate that a company has began manufacturing devices to counteract those GPS tracking devices. A spy-gadget company now has this Anti GPS Tracker available. It plugs into the 12V DC outlet of your vehicle… » 5/16/08 2:20pm 5/16/08 2:20pm