Simulator Hot-Lap Of F1 Singapore Grand Prix Street Circuit Night Race

This video of Williams F1 driver Nico Rosberg practicing for the Singapore Grand Prix's street circuit on the simulator is about as close as anybody will get to driving the track until the cars actually get on track this weekend. Since it is the first ever night race for Formula One, that means the action will start… »9/24/08 6:20pm9/24/08 6:20pm

Details of Singapore Grand Prix, F1's First Night Race Emerge

They may not be getting new Formula One engines anytime soon, but F1 fans will get to enjoy the first-ever F1 night race in 2008. The Singapore Grand Prix is set to start at 8:00 pm local time, making it the darkest F1 race in history. Italian lighting firm Valerio Maioli S.p.a. will use a state-of-the-art system to… »12/13/07 9:45am12/13/07 9:45am

The Mini GP: M-Power on the Cheap or Cynical Marketing Exersize?

Our buddy Gabe at Motoring File points us to a new test of the Mini John Cooper Works GP in the newsstand edition of Evo. The article poses the question foremost on Mini heads' minds, as it were. That is, is the GP a pure sports car, influenced by BMW's M-Power propellerheads, or is it a cynical tart job for those… »7/10/06 10:43am7/10/06 10:43am