What a Government Shutdown Would Mean for You

If Congress cannot approve a budget for 2016 by September 30, the end of this fiscal year, the US government will shut down. It’s a likely scenario since there are just a few more working days for lawmakers to come to an agreement and there’s no sign of that in sight. Here’s what you need to know about how a… »9/23/15 8:30pm9/23/15 8:30pm


The FBI's Secret Air Force Is Watching Us

This might come as a shock: The FBI has a secret air force of sorts that’s recently been buzzing over Baltimore. Or maybe it’s not a shock at all. The FBI’s been using aircraft for decades. These new planes, however, use surveillance equipment designed for warfare and capable of tracking innocent citizens. That’s bad. »5/07/15 3:52pm5/07/15 3:52pm

A Train From 1836 Could Be Buried In Brooklyn Because Of Petty Politics

A beautifully preserved 1830s steam train is thought to be lurking under a busy thoroughfare in one of the posher parts of Brooklyn. But in 1861, it was sealed up, seemingly for eternity. Everything was set to excavate it just a few years back, until petty personal politics seem to have destroyed any chance of that. »3/27/15 2:42pm3/27/15 2:42pm

The US Mail Truck You Know And Love Is Going Away Soon

The US Postal Service runs about 200,000 Grumman Long Live Vehicles (LLV) all over the country, which you'd recognize as the pokey little vans that look like they're made of Legos. After some 30 years of braving snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night, Uncle Sam has a long list of specs they want for the next mail truck. »2/16/15 9:11am2/16/15 9:11am

Busted: the price for breaking into a national park on a dirtbike

If you're stupid enough to break into a national park during a government shutdown and write about it, you're going to get busted. I knew that when I did it last year, but it didn't take the sting out of standing in federal court with $15,000 in fines or 18 months of incarceration looming over my head. All this for… »9/29/14 3:22pm9/29/14 3:22pm

The Department Of Homeland Security Wants To Stop Road Sign Hacking

The fun police, and also real police (Department of Homeland Security) are fed up with pranksters turning boring, practical information signs into sources of amusementturning boring, practical information signs into sources of amusement. That's right; DHS knows how to change the default password on their signs now. … »6/11/14 7:21am6/11/14 7:21am

Dealerships Say Gov't Regulations Cost Billions, Raise Prices

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) recently published a report entitled, "The Impact of Federal Regulations on Franchised Automobile Dealerships." According to the findings, dealerships across the nation spent a total of 3.2 billion to comply with government regulations. Some dealerships claim that… »6/06/14 12:49pm6/06/14 12:49pm

Oklahoma Leads Charge For More CNG Trucks In Government Fleets

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is leading an initiative to put more natural-gas burning vehicles in 22 government fleets. As a result her state just ordered 256 natural-gas burning 2014 Ford F-150s, and the city of Dallas bought 65. They're hoping to realize reduced running cost and curtail greenhouse gas emissions. »5/09/14 12:45pm5/09/14 12:45pm

Proposed rule could require 10% down payment on auto loans

Over the past two years the government has been working on a proposed rule to change credit risk retention requirements. A part of that overhaul includes sweeping changes to automotive loans, changes that are leaving many commenters asking: do regulators have any idea how people actually buy cars today? »12/19/13 10:09am12/19/13 10:09am