Big Blimpin' Up In LBC with the Goodyear "Spirit Of America"

There are a certain number of vehicles that impart absolute serenity, calmness, luxury and comfort to its lucky, boat-shoed occupants. The Buick LaCrosse that we recently drove might be considered. Possibly a Mercedes. Possibly a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, one that's been idling for the past three days in the… »7/08/13 2:26pm

Tired and Feathered: Performance Tire Sales Grow, Some Consumers Shocked

A couple of months back, the man who asks, "Why can't there be more talk about buttsex on Jalopnik?" aka CTE blew a tire. Like, as in, it exploded. CTE, being the stylish man of means that he is, drives a Focus ZX3, which features a Blaupunkt stereo, crank windows and Pirelli tires that're some special half-inch size… »12/06/05 1:06pm

The Wings of Goodyear to Carry Less: Tiremaker to Slash Production in Wake of Hurricanes

Due to supply issues caused by the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes, Goodyear has cut output at its North American plants by 30%. The problems will affect Goodyear's nine North American plants, which make up roughly half of its worldwide production. While the company anticipates being able to fulfill its contracts for… »10/05/05 12:50pm