This Is As Close As You're Going To Get To Driving An F1 Car At Goodwood

As it stands, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is very much a spectator event. At least, for the main event of storming up Lord March’s driveway. But what if you could do it yourself, and, in a Formula One car? Williams had the same thought, and strapped a GoPro right to the visor of the guy driving an FW13B.
» 6/29/15 7:00pm 6/29/15 7:00pm

Goodwood FoS, why the car park is better than most car shows.....

This week, I went to the Moving Motor show at Goodwood. Before getting in I had a bit of a stroll around the car park for a few minutes whilst waiting for a friend. Normally walking round a car park is not the most exciting thing in the world but here it is an incredible experience.
» 7/14/13 10:26am 7/14/13 10:26am