Roush Crate Powertrain Provides Engine, Tranny; Crate Car Still…

For folks who want a high-po old-school ride with a minimum of effort, Roush will now sell you one of their crate engines matched to an aftermarket performance transmission — and they'll do all the fine-tuning and dial in for you. You'll need to be a Blue Oval fan in order to take advantage of the aptly-named "Ford in… » 7/07/08 3:00pm 7/07/08 3:00pm

The Bakersfield Nitromethane Sound

What was quite possibly the last Goodguys drag race went off in grand style last weekend at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield. Top Fuel dragsters and nitro-huffing Funny Cars tossed it up out in the lanes. Along with being famous for Buck Owens and the birthplace of the California Sound, Bakersfield was where Perry Mason… » 11/07/06 6:04pm 11/07/06 6:04pm

You're Never Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll, We're the Goodguys, the Goodguys

In a former life, we had to call the Goodguys offices now and then for various and sundry reasons. And you never wanted to be put on hold, because it would invariably result in being exposed to the worst '50's rock 'n' roll Goodguys-custom-recorded theme song ever. Ever. Undoubtedly, there are a number of you out… » 3/24/06 2:33pm 3/24/06 2:33pm

A Brief History of Gary Meadors

We have kind of a love/hate relationship with the Goodguys. Yes, their shows bring in some of the nicest rods around. Yes, we've had friends who work for them. And yes, when you go to the West Coast Nationals at Pleasanton, you're likely to run into a lot of pals you may only see a couple of times a year. Of course,… » 3/13/06 1:39pm 3/13/06 1:39pm

March Meet Postponed!

The Goodguys' March Meet, one of the premier vintage drag races in the country and spiritual heir (sorta) to the legendary Smokers' Meet has been postponed. Originally scheduled to be run this weekend at Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield, high probability of rain in Bak-o and snow as low as 1,500 feet on the Grapevine… » 3/09/06 5:15pm 3/09/06 5:15pm

Worsham to Run Blue Max at Bakersfield

Oh, word. Del and Chuck Worsham's replica of Raymond Beadle's famed Blue Max funny car is running at the Goodguys March Meet in Bakersfield. We're so there; after all, the 'Max was one of the cars that made us fall in love with drag racing in the first place. » 2/16/06 5:16am 2/16/06 5:16am

Goodguys Pomona Wrap-Up

A few weeks back we noted that NHRA driver Ron Capps was to run Jeff Gaynor's Barracuda Funny Car in the Goodguys race in Pomona. Drag Racing Online's got the story covered. Capps qualified sixth and went out in the first round against Larry Pettit, who went on to win the day, along with Howard Haight in Top Fuel.… » 8/18/05 9:45am 8/18/05 9:45am

Andy Brizio to Get Roasted in Pleasanton

We're not real big on on the East Bay town of Pleasanton in general, but it's where the Goodguys throw the West Coast Nationals every year: a great place to scope out high-dollar hot rods and the denim-shorted, braided-belt-and-polo-shirt wearin' men who own them. This year you can pop into the Pleasanton Hilton… » 8/09/05 1:47pm 8/09/05 1:47pm

Ronn Capps to Run Vintage Funny Car

Ron Capps, driver of Don Schumacher's Brut Dodge Stratus Funny Car, will race Jeff Gaynor's '70 Barracuda flopper at the Goodguys VRA race in Pomona. Coming right off the Western Swing of the NHRA's POWERade tour, Capps heads to Pomona August 5-7. The car's regular throttle jockey, Jeff Utterback, will be driving… » 7/26/05 10:51am 7/26/05 10:51am