The End Times Are Upon Us: 24 Hours Of LeMons On Good Morning America!

Imagine you're a NASCAR exec who has just learned that the 24 Hours Of LeMons is the fastest-growing race series in the world… then you turn on the television and you get this! » 5/30/09 3:30pm 5/30/09 3:30pm

Good Morning America Drives The Strange Green Cars Of The Future

According to Good Morning America » 11/26/08 11:00am 11/26/08 11:00am green cars are just like you and me, but different. They have funny shapes, they use craaaaazy fuel and they're just a little gay (at least, that's what we think they were going for). The crew from took out an , the grease-powered and a for their "green car" morning feature. We don't …