Massive International Luxury Carjacking Ring Busted in New Jersey

Dozens of people were arrested today for operating an international crime ring that stole luxury SUVs in New York and New Jersey, many in carjackings, then resold them in West Africa. » 2/28/14 9:23am 2/28/14 9:23am

The Mustang From Gone In 60 Seconds Just Sold For $1 Million

The Ford Mustang that portrayed "Eleanor" in the Gone in 60 Seconds remake (that's the one with Nic Cage) just sold for $1,000,000 at the Mecum Indianapolis auction. » 5/18/13 4:12pm 5/18/13 4:12pm

This Shop Turned A Crappy Econobox Into An 'Eleanor' Mustang

If you had to pick two extremes for a scale of automotive badassery, you could reasonably peg the low end of the scale with the yawn-generating Chevy Optra, and the high end with a Mustang-based Shelby GT500. That would provide two extremes pretty much anyone could understand. Which is why Big Daddy Custom's » 7/30/12 3:00pm 7/30/12 3:00pm

What Is The Ideal Car For Flying Through The Air?

The automobile is not designed to fly. Sure, it might seem like an obvious statement but Hollywood stunt drivers, rednecks on YouTube and various high flying motorsports have all done their best at times to convince us otherwise. » 6/02/12 5:00pm 6/02/12 5:00pm

The 12 Worst Car Movies Of All Time

We love movies. We love cars. We love movies about cars. But there are some truly pathetic car flicks out there. Below, thanks to your help, is our list of 12 of the worst. » 8/05/09 3:30pm 8/05/09 3:30pm

The 12 Greatest Car Movies

We love movies. We love cars. We love movies about cars. And there are some really great car flicks out there. Below, thanks to your help, is our list of 12 of the greatest. » 7/30/09 2:00pm 7/30/09 2:00pm

This is open to debate, of course, and there are films we love that didn't make this list. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments and feel…

Top Ten Best Movie Police Car Chases, With A Twist

Police car chases are as much a part of American cinema as the sappy love story and the life-like animated robot movie. With so many directors having tackled the police chase it has become a bountiful field from which to pluck perfectly formed flowers of destruction and tire smoke. As we continue our Jalopnik… » 7/02/08 12:30pm 7/02/08 12:30pm

The 50 Most Memorable Movie Cars, According To Rotten Tomatoes

The film critics over at the site all about Tomatoes that are Rotten, have proclaimed a list of the 50 "Most Memorable" movie cars. We won't give it all away here, but we were actually fairly satisfied with their choice for the numero uno slot. Obviously, they're not total hoons like us, but we were still interested… » 5/09/08 4:40pm 5/09/08 4:40pm

Star Car Shootout: Championship Today

This is it. The final round of the Gone In 60 Seconds Star Car Shootout tournament. Where's Eleanor? She didn't make the cut. The remaining contenders? In one corner, we have the gorgeous and yet completely motionless Lamborghini Miura. In the other corner, a powerful combination of Italian style and American muscle,… » 4/02/08 1:00pm 4/02/08 1:00pm

Star Car Shootout: The Final Four

This is it. The final four cars left in our Star Car Shootout tournament. It's been madness trying to get to here from our original selection of 32 cars, and maddening for you to deal with the brilliantly brutish poll system, but we've made it together seemingly none the worse for wear. Certainly, the cars left are… » 4/01/08 1:00pm 4/01/08 1:00pm

March Madness Down To Elite Eight, Voting To Final Four Today

And then there were eight. On Wednesday, we'll have the final round to decide which is the coolest car from the original Gone In 60 Seconds, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Today, we have to pare these eight contenders down to a final four. Who's gonna make the cut? Which is the coolest? Eleanor or the Roller?… » 3/31/08 1:00pm 3/31/08 1:00pm

March Madness Narrowed To Sweet 16, Round 2 Of Voting Today

Well here we are, Round 2 of Jalopnik-style madness. After the first round of voting, we've eliminated half of the 32-car field. And there sure were some upsets; Parnelli Jones' Big Oly Bronco losing to some white Italian car being perhaps the most shocking. We even had a last minute buzzer-beater, with "Billy"… » 3/28/08 1:00pm 3/28/08 1:00pm

March Madness Begins, First Round Of Voting

Yesterday, we gave you the brackets. Today, the voting begins and Jalopnik-style March Madness ensues. If you haven't finalized your own bracket for the office pool just yet, hurry up! The field of 32 cars from the original 1974 film Gone In 60 Seconds is about to get narrowed down by your votes. At the end this… » 3/27/08 1:00pm 3/27/08 1:00pm

March Madness, Jalopnik Style

Interested in all the March madness tournament bracketry, but not really into college hoops? Maybe you're looking for a way to redeem yourself after penciling-in Duke to go all the way? Whatever the case, we've decided to throw our own Jalopnik-style bracket-madness party! Instead of basketball, we've got cars! And… » 3/26/08 1:30pm 3/26/08 1:30pm

Unique Performance Mustangs Allegedly Built By Prisoners, Used 13…

Just when we thought there would be a break from the Unique Performance Saga, we get word that things were even more rotten in the city of Farmers Branch. First, an investigation by CBS11-TV has turned up solid evidence that unskilled Texas prisoners were used to do the bodywork on the replica "Eleanor" Mustangs,… » 2/23/08 11:40am 2/23/08 11:40am

What Th'... It's the Smartleanor!

What happens when you take a Smart Fortwo and cross it with Eleanor the Mustang from "Gone in 60 Seconds"? A question that needn't been asked, to be sure. But there's an answer. Whatever it is, it looks like something that emerge about six months after Eleanor's egg has been fertilized. Oh, gross. » 6/06/07 12:33pm 6/06/07 12:33pm

Hot Rod's Final Four Best Car Movie Candidates

Polls are open until the first of the year in Hot Rod's "Top Car Movie Ever" contest and while the contenders aren't exactly surprising in the earlier categories, it's rather shocking that the Gone in 60 Seconds remake beat out Ronin for the late-period nomination. We suppose Hot Rod's readership don't cotton much to… » 12/26/06 5:30pm 12/26/06 5:30pm

Mass Destructo: The Original 'Gone in 60 Seconds'

Because we are untrue to the Gearhead Code, which requires viewing the original Gone in 60 Seconds at least once a year, (we hadn't seen it since were about eight), we'd forgotten that the infamous chase sequence runs from Long Beach, briefly through Pedro, into Torrance and Carson and up to Redondo. Needless to… » 9/14/06 4:00pm 9/14/06 4:00pm