Ice Cream Truck Song As A Fire Truck Siren Is Hilarious And Creepy

So there you are, just another day driving the golf cart around your sunny Florida community when a heavy rescue rig comes barreling around the corner running full lights and... is that an ice cream truck song? » 10/13/14 1:45pm 10/13/14 1:45pm

Who's foolish enough to not bid on a Batman Tumbler golf cart?

I don't know about you guys but I don't have much self control when it comes to awesome things that deserve to be purchased. Even if they don't do anything I can't help myself. See awesome, buy awesome. I assume the entire world operates like that too. So now I'm thinking about how many people are going to put… » 12/04/13 8:43am 12/04/13 8:43am

Man Tazed For Crime That Could Only Happen In Florida

An Orlando man was shot with a stun gun and arrested Tuesday evening after a call came in for police to investigate a "suspicious man on a golf cart." Seriously. » 8/09/12 1:20pm 8/09/12 1:20pm

This Is The Unofficial Batmobile Golf Cart

Ever since 20th Century Fox debuted George Barris' famous batmobile in 1965, there have been a few other iterations. Some have been for movies and television, others for fun. » 7/16/12 12:40pm 7/16/12 12:40pm

What Kid Is Picking The Golf Cart Toy?

I was in a drug store last night, and passed by the rotating display of cheap die-cast cars. Occasionally, you'll see something actually fun in one of these, something interesting that somehow snuck by the Mundanity Inspector of the Quality Control department in the colossal Chinese factory-city that cranks these out.… » 3/05/12 10:00am 3/05/12 10:00am

Watch a driverless golf cart wreak havoc at a high school football…

The conclusion of the Texas 5A Division 2 championship game saw the usual thrill of victory and agony of—OH MY GOD, RUN! THE MACHINES ARE SELF AWARE. » 12/19/11 10:30am 12/19/11 10:30am

You'll be the envy of the caddy shack in this Yamaha-powered golf cart

Mark Twain may have called golf, "a good walk spoiled," but he never had a Yamaha R1-powered sand-rail cart, so please forgive him. Now, you can have one too. Just remember to yell "fore!" before launching over the greens. » 4/06/11 3:30pm 4/06/11 3:30pm

The crazy golf cart Moammar Qaddafi is driving is a Tuk-Tuk

When Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi stepped out on state television yesterday to announce it was raining, the strange vehicle he was in was a Tuk-Tuk, which is a type of enclosed, motorcycle or bike-powered rickshaw. His may be armored. » 2/22/11 3:45pm 2/22/11 3:45pm

India Builds Anti-Terrorist Armored Electric Golf Cart

The $45,000 Indian-built and -designed Metaltech Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart is essentially an armored golf cart designed to withstand grenade attacks. Although seemingly the least threatening armored vehicle ever built, it makes perfect sense for Mumbai-like confined quarters anti-terrorism use. » 2/17/10 12:15pm 2/17/10 12:15pm

Utah Man Evades Police Cars In Souped-Up Golf Cart

Police in Morgan City, Utah were outrun and outwitted by a drunken man in what they describe as a souped-up golf cart. Trev Dawson was hanging out with friends, drinking and doing donuts on the lawn of the Morgan City Park when local Sheriff's deputies happened upon him. Rather than face a count of drunk driving or… » 10/21/08 6:00pm 10/21/08 6:00pm

Shiny, Happy Chrysler EV Really Called GEM Peapod

We got a look at the Chrysler "Peapod" » 9/23/08 3:00pm 9/23/08 3:00pm this morning, though at the time we didn't know it was actually the GEM Peapod. The "Global Electric Motorcars" all-electric range of "community vehicles" has been on sale for ten years now. The Peapod is the latest concept set up for a debut in GEM's 2009 lineup, which also gets…

Yamaha R1-Powered 125 HP Golf Cart Doing Dyno Wheelies

The only redeeming qualities the game of golf has for us is that it involves a bunch of friends out in the fresh air, a bag full of frosty beverages, and a golf cart to chase squirrels around the course with. Now imagine if that golf cart was powered by a four cylinder out of the devastatingly fast Yamaha R1 rocket… » 9/17/08 4:46pm 9/17/08 4:46pm

Mini Ford Bronco Conquers All Pit Lane Terrain

What's an even cooler way to get around the pits than a Saleen Th!nk? How about a miniature Ford Bronco. We saw a few of these zipping around Milan Dragway last weekend, and we want one bad. We're not sure if these little things are at all capable off-road, but man, do they look sweet for cruisin' between your trailer… » 6/18/08 3:40pm 6/18/08 3:40pm

Saleen-Modified Th!nk Is The Only Way To Tour Pit Lane

If you've brought a trailer full of Saleen wares to hawk during the Ford Racing weekend at Milan Dragway, you don't just walk around the pit area; you ride in style with a hotted-up Th!nk Neighbor. This bad boy is sporting dual exhausts to keep the electric motor breathing freely, a set of Minilite wheels to drop the… » 6/17/08 3:40pm 6/17/08 3:40pm

Electric Mini-Hummer Spotted In The Wild

Remember the electric Hummer H9T we found on Ebay? Well, during our review of the Mazdaspeed3, we came across another, this one just chillin' in a University of Wisconsin parking lot up in Madison. Okay, so this obviously isn't one of the General's official Baja-capable Hummers, but maybe something like this could… » 6/06/08 12:45pm 6/06/08 12:45pm

Possible Hummer H9T Mule For Sale On Ebay

Has there ever been much doubt the Hummer brand would continually march up the numerical ladder while downsizing its products? We started with the H1, moved on to the H2, and then the H3 and Hummer H3T. It seems inevitable there will be an H4, H5, H6 get the picture. But we may have caught proof of the… » 3/27/08 10:00am 3/27/08 10:00am

Bill Murray Caught Drunk Driving In Sweden...In A Golf Cart

Bill Murray was up to his old "Caddyshack" hijinks again while spending some time in Sweden at a charity golf tournament. Murray was doing the usual ball-shaggin' thing — drinking and hootin' n' hollerin' and generally carrying on like any other golfer driving a golf cart. The only problem was that he was driving not… » 8/22/07 4:30pm 8/22/07 4:30pm