The Zipper Truck Lifts Thousands Of 1,500-Pound Blocks In Minutes

For years, San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge was a deathtrap. Cars would zip past one another at 65 MPH, separated by a thin line of yellow traffic cones, and head-on collisions were routine. However, a new barrier system—laid by a massive vehicle known as a Zipper Truck—will keep passing drivers from landing… »6/21/12 12:40pm6/21/12 12:40pm

Why California Spent $205,000 To Move A $15 Shrubbery (UPDATE)

California is broke. The national debt continues to spiral out of control. So, it's perhaps a little bit of a surprise that the California Department of Transportation, along with some help from the federal government, spent $205,000 in 2010 to move a shrub that's available at nurseries for about $15. Even the Knights… »4/16/12 2:30pm4/16/12 2:30pm