Gold Leaf "Premium Bond" Aston Martin DB7 Tackier Than Roger Moore

Gold isn’t known to the be the most durable of materials, which is probably why over-the-top tuning firm Alchemist left it off the bumpers and rockers. The 24-carat gold leaf on this Aston Martin DB7 » 10/24/08 6:00pm 10/24/08 6:00pm is actually part platinum for longevity, but we still wouldn’t advise running it through a car wash, especially since…

GT-R Skips Matte Black, Goes Straight To Matte Gold!

This matte gold Nissan GT-R » 10/21/08 4:00pm 10/21/08 4:00pm was spotted in Dubai, where it was possibly turning its custom-painted nose up at the relatively gaudy . This could be a sign that the , as exemplified by the and , is being replaced by a new matte color. If less is more, and matte black is less, matte gold is slightly more than less. …

British Company Offering Gold-Plated Roofs For Stately, Traditional…

Proving that a fool and his money are soon parted, British company Alchemist is offering car owners a chance to get a custom, 24-carat gold leaf finish added to the ride of their choice. For just $20,000 they'll happily take posession of your Bentley, Aston Martin or Escalade and top it with a shimmering gold finish.… » 8/26/08 4:40pm 8/26/08 4:40pm

Buy an $88,000 VW Beetle, Get the Gold for Free

Or maybe it should be buy $88,000 worth of gold and get a 1968 Volkwagen Beetle for free? Regardless, you will be getting the gold with the Beetle or the Beetle with the gold because an 18-karat blend of gold and glass is what this beautiful Beetle is coated in. The monstrosity was shown off at the annual Luxury Show… » 12/12/07 5:00pm 12/12/07 5:00pm

The Gold Standard: A 22 Carat Gilded Boxster

CEO of German marketing agency Visualis, Sven Ulrich, commissioned an artist to gild this Porsche Boxster in 22 carat gold — a prelude, if you will, of a limited-edition model yet to be priced. It's not just the exterior that's gotten its bling on (and yes, "bling" truly is the most appropriate term here), but also… » 8/03/06 10:43am 8/03/06 10:43am