British Company Offering Gold-Plated Roofs For Stately, Traditional…

Proving that a fool and his money are soon parted, British company Alchemist is offering car owners a chance to get a custom, 24-carat gold leaf finish added to the ride of their choice. For just $20,000 they'll happily take posession of your Bentley, Aston Martin or Escalade and top it with a shimmering gold finish.… » 8/26/08 4:40pm 8/26/08 4:40pm

Think You've Got It All? How About A Gold Porsche?

We were born with an inability to trust salespeople, the fact they're trying to sell something you probably don't need is more than likely the root of this distrust. Fresh from Germany is a perfectly good example of something totally ludicrously ridiculous. The watch, jewelery, and interior decoration company of… » 2/27/08 2:15pm 2/27/08 2:15pm

Buy an $88,000 VW Beetle, Get the Gold for Free

Or maybe it should be buy $88,000 worth of gold and get a 1968 Volkwagen Beetle for free? Regardless, you will be getting the gold with the Beetle or the Beetle with the gold because an 18-karat blend of gold and glass is what this beautiful Beetle is coated in. The monstrosity was shown off at the annual Luxury Show… » 12/12/07 5:00pm 12/12/07 5:00pm

Rolled Gold: Plated Rides Debut in Romania

Some say we're living in a new Gilded Age, wherein a small number of unconscionably wealthy and flamboyant individuals lord their riches over the insolvent, who cower in their presence. Then again, maybe it's just that a few knuckleheads with MasterCards keep throwing off the meters. We may never know. Well, maybe we… » 12/12/06 9:32am 12/12/06 9:32am

The Gold Standard: A 22 Carat Gilded Boxster

CEO of German marketing agency Visualis, Sven Ulrich, commissioned an artist to gild this Porsche Boxster in 22 carat gold — a prelude, if you will, of a limited-edition model yet to be priced. It's not just the exterior that's gotten its bling on (and yes, "bling" truly is the most appropriate term here), but also… » 8/03/06 10:43am 8/03/06 10:43am

Lose the Grill Here's What's Hot in Bling: The Bricklin

Forget what you thought you knew about fashion in da club. Lil' Jon-style goblets? Over. Diamond- encrusted knucks? Can we call you Radio Raheem? Swingin' pendants proclaiming your general steez and/or degree of playatasticness? Okay, Mr. Gordon Gekko of the ghetto. No, what all the kids are gonna be rockin' when… » 7/28/05 2:15am 7/28/05 2:15am