Fiberglass Down Under - The Buckle Story

Last week, I told you all about the Allard Clipper, Britain's (and possibly Europe's) first fiberglass car. Shortly after the Clipper disaster, fiberglass became accepted and an enterprising Australian who had never built a car before brought the technology down under. » 9/10/14 5:00pm 9/10/14 5:00pm

Goggomobil T300 Is A Rare And Tiny Find

Goggomobils were among the most popular of the variety of odd little vehicles built during the German microcar craze of the 50s and early 60s. While we would like to attribute this popularity to the fact they were sold with one of the coolest names ever given to an automobile, something tells us it took more than that… » 4/14/12 12:30pm 4/14/12 12:30pm

Trident micro car is the (most recent) one that got away

Finding affordable microcar projects like this Taylor Dunn Trident that sold on Ebay yesterday is a rare occurrence. Spending time lusting after obscure Ebay finds with regret after they have found a new home is unfortunately anything but a rare occurrence. » 3/20/11 4:00pm 3/20/11 4:00pm

Which 2011 Barrett-Jackson Vehicle is the Car of Your Dreams?

This weekend's Barrett-Jackson Car Auction features a wide variety of cars and trucks. Many of the cars have already crossed the block and found new owners, but you can still dream. What is the 2011 Barrett-Jackson vehicle of your dreams? » 1/22/11 4:00pm 1/22/11 4:00pm

Buy the "Cheap and Ugly" Subaru 360

When it came time to introduce the Subaru 360 to the American public in 1968, this set of commercials calling the car cheap and ugly was released. Neither the advertising campaign nor the Subaru 360 was particularly well received. » 1/22/11 9:00am 1/22/11 9:00am

The Weirdly Awesome Microcars of Hungary

Denied the right to make cars by the Soviet Union, enthusiasts and engineers in Hungary made several ingenious attempts to produce their own microcar. Auto historian Pál Négyesi tells us the story of these little wonders. » 6/24/10 3:45pm 6/24/10 3:45pm

Awesome, Defined: The 10-Liter, Radial-Engined Goggomobil

"Awesome" is overused to the point of meaninglessness. Until now. We guarantee you'll be filled with some serious awe at this spectacle of unbelievable mechanical prowess. Your jaw will drop at this — the 10,220cc, radial-engined 360 HP Goggomobil. » 6/26/09 1:00pm 6/26/09 1:00pm

Project Car Hell: Goggomobil Or Grand Nationalmino?

In our Star-Spangled Project Car Hell Edition last Friday, the Rambler American (OK, fine, it's actually a Rambler Six) outpolled the Austin America by a 60:40 ratio. Was it a case of rust triumphing over Joe Lucas, or the patriotic appeal of wholesome, corn-fed Kenosha over the sinister English town of Longbridge.… » 7/08/08 5:30pm 7/08/08 5:30pm

You Cannot Resist The Goggomobil Invasion!

You think we're all done with the Goggomobil ads? Think again, Helmut! This short film documents the takeover of a small German city by hordes of Goggomobils, with a bouncy accordionic soundtrack to mask the ominous implications. Goggo! Goggo! » 11/07/07 2:00pm 11/07/07 2:00pm

Goggo! Goggo! Goggomobil Knows Young and Old!

This profoundly disturbing puppet-show advertisement for the Goggomobile will have you singing the little "Goggo! Goggo!" cuckoo-clock song until you get Tazed by your enraged coworkers. Goggo! Goggo! We're just disappointed that they didn't make a Goggomino version (though there was a van). » 11/06/07 11:00am 11/06/07 11:00am

Know Thy Germans: Glas 2600 V8; AKA The Glaserati!

First of all, the actual name of the company isn't Glas; it is, "Andreas Glas, Reperaturwerkst tte f r landwirtschaftliche Maschinen mit Dampfbetrieb." In English that means, "Andreas Glas, repair garage for agricultural machines supported with steam engine." Which is so old-school it kinda hurts. Second, in 1966 BMW… » 12/20/06 5:00am 12/20/06 5:00am

Goggomobilimpressionen: Goggomobilamino!!!

The Glas Goggomobil is yet another post-war German microcar from a sewing machine manufacturer with a puny engine in the butt. Besides its righteous name, the Goggonmobil had the distinction of being built in the town of Dingofling. Besides its funny name, Dingofling is the current location of BMW's biggest factory… » 12/18/06 7:45pm 12/18/06 7:45pm

Go Go Goggomobil!: Bike Engines in Old European Cars Redux

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Swapping superbike engines into weird, little European cars makes us giddier than the Ladies Auxiliary on casserole night. This time, the car is a Goggomobil and the engine is from a Yamaha FZR1000. The Gogglomobil, about as well known on these shores as the collected… » 3/15/06 9:20am 3/15/06 9:20am