First Image of a Brand New Starship in Star Trek Into Darkness

Matt Smith and David Tennant are photographed together at the readthrough for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special. Find out what to expect in G.I. Joe 3! Primer's Shane Carruth reveals the impressively practical special effects in his latest mindbending film. Robert Kirkman looks ahead to The Walking Dead's next… » 4/02/13 10:57am 4/02/13 10:57am

The Nissan Juke R Will Cost $600,000

Nissan initially said they wouldn't divulge the price of the Nissan Juke R set to go into limited production this year, but a source tells us around $600,000 is the sweet spot for most markets. That's roughly the equivalent of 30 base Juke Rs. » 5/03/12 3:30pm 5/03/12 3:30pm

Nissan To Build Insane 545 HP Juke R Thanks To Crazy-Rich Dubai…

We've driven the Nissan Juke R in Dubai, so it's with authority that we can say the 545-horsepower GT-R-powered crossover is as wild as it looks. We can also say with authority that we're not surprised Nissan found enough people willing to fork over the serious cash necessary to make the company produce this mental… » 5/03/12 10:30am 5/03/12 10:30am

Behold, Cornzilla: Switzer Builds 900-hp, E85-powered Nissan GT-R

Switzer is calling this flat white, 900-hp, ethanol-burning Nissan GT-R the E900, but we think "Cornzilla" is a better name for this vegetarian monster. It'll hit 60 MPH in under three seconds and has a 220-mph top speed. » 6/23/10 10:30am 6/23/10 10:30am