Used Car Face Off: Outrageous American "Performance" SUVs

There have been numerous odd trucks and truck-based SUVs in the last couple decades, many in the pursuit of power or "sportiness." Some of the obvious ones are the various editions of SRT, SVT and SS badges attached and they've all been insane ideas with varying results. A couple of these experiments came into mind… » 2/03/13 1:00pm 2/03/13 1:00pm

'The 1992 GMC Typhoon Allows You To Take More Friends Along For The…

For a couple years in the 1990s, GM must have mixed up what divisions make what. That's the only reason I can think of for the Typhoon to exist. » 1/16/13 5:30pm 1/16/13 5:30pm

Just How Fast Was The GMC Typhoon?

Check out this Japanese television clip where a guy in a GMC Typhoon smokes an Acura NSX with an automatic and comes close to beating a twin-turbocharged Toyota Supra. 0-to-60 MPH was 5.3 seconds. Yeah, it's fast. » 2/02/10 4:30pm 2/02/10 4:30pm

Ten Most Exotic Cars Destroyed By Cash For Clunkers

Though the most popular vehicle destroyed under Cash For Clunkers was the Ford Explorer, there were also AMGs, Rolls-Royces and even a LaForza crushed. The ten most exotic cars that fools parted with below. Click through if you dare. » 9/23/09 1:00pm 9/23/09 1:00pm

What's This Engine Bay?

It's time again to test out your automotive intellectual fortitude by figuring out what car this is before you click through. Sure, you'll say you got it right in the comments, but only you'll know the truth. » 6/23/09 6:00pm 6/23/09 6:00pm