Obama To Get New, Giant Truck-Based Cadillac Presidential Limo

UPDATE: Obama's New Cadillac Limo Officially Unveiled!
With a new president set to take the office, GM is working on a new version of "Cadillac One" for President-Elect Barack Obama — and it's a monster. According to our sources, the new President's state car may look like a stretched Cadillac DTS but is actually… »11/10/08 12:30pm11/10/08 12:30pm

GM Considering Sale Of Medium-Duty Truck Division To Isuzu

According to Automotive News »9/19/08 1:45pm9/19/08 1:45pm, GM is planning to sell its medium-duty commercial truck division to Isuzu (). According to Isuzu representatives, they have not been contacted by General Motors regarding the possible deal, but said they would respond positively to the prospect. The news comes after Navistar backed out of

Ratchet, Ironhide Spotted; Transformers 2 Filming In Arizona?

Today's daily Transformers 2 update comes with more spotted Autobots and rumors of a filming location. Photographed in the Culver City, Calif. is this truck loaded up with Ironhide and Ratchet. This is the third Transformer spotting we've seen over the past week. Last Friday we saw twin Barricades, yesterday we caught… »4/03/08 4:30pm4/03/08 4:30pm

Goodbye, Ironhide: GM Reaches Agreement, Sells Medium-Duty Trucks to Navistar

The General's finally come to an agreement on selling their not-so-profitable medium duty truck business to Navistar, the owners of International Truck and Engine. That means the Navistar folks will now be responsible for making the GMC TopKick and the Chevrolet Kodiak, moving production from GM's plant in Flint,… »12/20/07 9:15am12/20/07 9:15am