Old Man Rationally Solves Hotel Bill Dispute By Driving Truck Into Lobby

“There. That should solve things.” I’m pretty sure those were the first words to form in the mind of 62-year old John Parsley immediately after he rammed his 2006 GMC Sierra into the lobby of a Comfort Inn in Alva, Oklahoma. No one was injured, and I’m sure this thoughtful act of problem-solving took care of…

The 2015 GMC Sierra Denali Is Like A Stern Father You Fear And Respect

In 2015 luxury pickup trucks are mainstays of the American auto industry. Ford, Ram, and Chevrolet each put their own spin on “capable and comfortable” and frankly they’re all pretty impressive. The GMC Sierra Denali isn’t the fanciest of the field, but it is the original. And it’s still the best.

This 2015 GMC Sierra Has Better WiFi Than My Office (Nicer Seats Too)

We all saw GM's Super Bowl ad: "if you had 4G LTE OnStar in your truck you could stream the game!" I shrugged. How good could WiFi be, bottled into a cellphone signal and piped through a pickup truck? Well I'm testing it in a 2015 GMC Sierra right now, and I think I'm ready to make it my new business address.