WSJ Reports GM To Put Up Rest Of GMAC As Collateral For $4.1 Billion Loan

Well, they already sold off 51% of GMAC to Cerberus, why not mortgage the rest of it on the turnaround effort...err...sorry, "general corporate purposes including working capital needs." Those "general corporate purposes" are why the General's claiming it needs "a supplemental revolving credit facility in an aggregate… »5/24/07 12:30pm

Breaking Bigger, Longer And Uncut! WSJ Reports Kirk Kerkorian Sells Entire Stake Of General Motors Stock

The dream is — according to the Wall Street Journal anyway — dead. The Journal's reporting that the man with the plan's sold not just half of his stock in the General as we reported earlier — but all of his stock in the biggest n' baddest automaker in the world. KirkKerk has left the building, and with him — all hope?… »12/01/06 12:01am

Breaking! GM Announces $14 Billion Agreement To Sell GMAC; Agrees It's A Chance To Lean Back, Prop Up Feet

Not quite yet anyway, but with an agreement by Cerebus Capital to purchase a 51% stake in GMAC for $14 billion announced just a few short minutes ago, the General is one step closer to the solution envisioned by CEO Rick Wagoner. No, not the solution whereby he slips on the toilet seat and has a vision of something… »4/03/06 9:32am