Detroit Auto Show: Kid Rock Bringin' Sex Rhymes to GM Style Event Next Weekend in Detroit

Looks like in addition to the A-list, B-list and C-list music names the General's throwin' down at the GM Style event next Saturday night prior to the Detroit Auto Show, they'll also have a D-list entertainer in the house. "D" as in D-etroit. Ha! We slay ourselves...and pretty much only ourselves. Yes, GM's bringing… »1/04/08 9:15am1/04/08 9:15am


Detroit Auto Show: Hummer H3R Concept, Opel Corsa OPC Join Maroon 5 on Stage at GM Style

Looks like the General's bringing the big guns out at their "GM Style" pre-Detroit Auto Show party. That's right, they'll be bringing the "racing inspired" Hummer H3R concept — that's the LS7 7.0-liter V8-powered concept first seen at the SEMA show in October — and the Opel Corsa OPC hot-hatch right up on stage at the… »12/26/07 10:45am12/26/07 10:45am

All Tomorrow's Parties: GM Announces Details of GM Style Event

For those who don't remember from last year's coverage, one of the biggest parties at the Detroit Auto Show is the GM Style event, which is an orgy of celeb product placement. Last year it was John Legend and Jennifer Hudson coupled with the Camaro Concept and an Escalade, and this year it looks like it'll be Mary J.… »12/10/07 10:45am12/10/07 10:45am