GM August Sales Down 20.7% From August 2007; Still Best Sales Month In 2008

General Motors »9/03/08 4:55pm9/03/08 4:55pm is reporting total August 2008 sales down 20.7% from August 2007; the report had a silver lining, however, as August marked the best month for GM sales in 2008 largely due to the popular sale the automaker has been running since Aug. 20. That sale has since been extended through September 30 and…


Car Industry Carnage: US Auto Sales Down 18.8% For June

Everybody knew it was coming, but the extent of the disintegration of the US automotive market came clearly into view today as automakers reported their sales figures for June. During a month when the national average price of gasoline topped an average of four bucks, what does one expect? Well — how about an 18.8%… »7/01/08 7:20pm7/01/08 7:20pm