Breaking! Nissan Has No Comment, But Joint GM-Renault-Nissan Statement To Be Released Soon

In what will likely be the last thing these three companies ever do together, Nissan's told Reuters to expect a joint statement shortly on the WSJ report that the best laid plans of Carlos Ghosn and men have gone all screwy and he and the General's Rick Wagoner have said to hell with everything. We're going to start… »10/04/06 2:55pm10/04/06 2:55pm

Ghosn's Napoleonic Complex Continues, Now Eyeing A Ford-Renault-Nissan Threesome?

According to the triumvirate of Bloomberg newsies — Jacqueline Simmons, John Lippert and Jeff Green — the man at the head of the wannabe-number-one is casting his net about looking for someone else to be a part of his team, and he's likely snared a big fish out in Dearborn, MI. That's right, now that family guy Bill… »9/25/06 7:55am9/25/06 7:55am

Ghosn Going To Get Free Checks! Renault, Nissan Reportedly Hiring Banks To Advise On A GM Threesome

Word on the street from both the business boys over at Bloomberg and the fiscal yet still frisky folks at the Financial Times is Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn's gone and hired advisory banks for a possible alliance with General Motors. The Financial Times report says Renault's hired investment bank BNP Paribas as… »9/06/06 11:38am9/06/06 11:38am

Intro The New GM Media Strategy: CEO Rick Wagoner Waxes On The Opel Corsa, Renault-Nissan

Initially we believed — and frankly many GM PR staff seemed to confirm — the General's strategy for the next 90 days was going to be "Get Rick the hell away from cameras." However, we now think we were a bit hasty in snapping to that assessment. Exhibit A would be the above announcement for the Opel Corsa. Normally,… »7/18/06 5:45pm7/18/06 5:45pm

Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda Dodges Fastballs From CNBC's Bartiromo

There are so many great combinations of "Dodge r " and "Tom LaSorda" — we almost don't know where to start. Ok, well — we'll just play it straight down the plate then. Chrysler President and CEO Tom LaSorda sat down on CNBC's "Closing Bell" with Maria Bartiromo to answer some questions on the late-night dinner between… »7/17/06 12:49pm7/17/06 12:49pm

Toyota! Toyota! Toyota! #2 Automaker War-Games Options for GM Alliance

We kind of knew Toyota wasn't going to stand by and let their big shot at being number one best automaker drop away like they were the last gal left standing at the Sadie Hawkins dance. Although it's rumorific like nothing else and complete conjecture — the weekly mag on all-things Business is reporting Toyota may… »7/15/06 8:50pm7/15/06 8:50pm

Rick And Carlos Have Dinner; General Motors, Renault-Nissan Arrange 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Rick and Carlos had dinner last night in Metro Detroit — and although folks may not know where, we do know they've now moved from an agreement to sit down and talk about an "alliance" — to an agreement to discuss for 90 days an "alliance." But for us anyway, the question of "where" they ate is much more interesting —… »7/15/06 11:00am7/15/06 11:00am