The Three Amigos of Ego: Autoextremist on the Renault-Nissan-GM Deal

Sweet Peet D, as always, is pissed. His take on the whole GM-Renault-Nissan deal? Bad, bad juju fueled by unfulfilled egomania. Carlos wants immortality via GM. As does York. Kerkorian wants to make a buck, and Peet thinks it's all going to go very badly for The General. He also endorses Wagoner's turnaround plan. This … » 7/06/06 4:30pm 7/06/06 4:30pm

Breaking! Nissan Approves Talking, All Eyes To Renault

In truly corporate style, Nissan's got a big announcement on this whole Kirk-amamie stock buyout scheme reminiscent of a similar purchase arrangement the market mogul tried with a German-American hybrid corporation before it became said hybrid. And by "big announcement" we mean they've agreed they'd be willing to… » 7/03/06 9:50am 7/03/06 9:50am