Auctioning One Transplant For Another

GM Performance Parts is auctioning off the first LSX454 R crate engine at Barrett-Jackson this weekend, with the proceeds going to the American Heart Association. Have a heart, buy a crazy bow-tied one. [GM Media] » 1/18/11 4:00pm 1/18/11 4:00pm

ZR1 In A Box: GM Performance Parts Carting LS9 Crate Engine To SEMA

GM Performance Parts has announced the introduction of its 638 HP LS9 » 10/28/08 6:20pm 10/28/08 6:20pm crate motor, set to debut at the show next week. Yep, the of the can now be ordered without the Corvette wrapper, ready to drop into the bare engine bay of your choice. You get a complete engine including the ignition system, supercharger…