Crudele Corvette Watch: How You Can Dent A New 'Vette And Annoy A NY…

New Yorkers, be on the lookout for a douchebag NY Post writer in a brand-new Corvette. It's "business writer" John Crudele trying to screw GM using a 60-day money back guarantee Corvette as a rental while his mulletgasmic Camaro's repaired. » 11/19/09 4:30pm 11/19/09 4:30pm

First GM 60-Day Money Back Return A Manual Transmission Corvette

Since GM's 60-day money-back return policy started, there've been around 150,000 retail sales and only one confirmed return. A manual transmission Corvette was returned after the driver tired of rowing gears. What'd he get instead? An automatic model. » 10/15/09 11:00am 10/15/09 11:00am

How To Screw GM Out Of Their 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

GM's just-released 60-day money back guarantee works like a charm if you're looking to screw GM out of a new car for two months. All you have to do is meet the following 13 qualifications and GM buys it back: » 9/14/09 5:45pm 9/14/09 5:45pm