What would 25-feet of sea-level rise look like IRL?

People talk a lot these days about rising seas. They talk figures in feet and inches. They make maps, and forecast which stretches of America's coastline will be inundated in 25, 50, or 100 years. But we're visual creatures, and visual creatures want to know: what might this projected sea level rise actually look like? » 4/11/13 10:21am 4/11/13 10:21am

What Bentley Believes: 17-Page CO2 Manifesto Has Been Read

Bentley is refreshing. Their ultra-luxe, mega-horsepower sleds, favored rides of autocrats, royalty and rap tycoons, are such a specialized product that the Craftsmen of Crewe can pretty much reduce their whole climate-change/fuel-scarcity strategy to a question of customer relations. I promised I'd read the white… » 3/20/08 4:45pm 3/20/08 4:45pm

Wagoner Says G****l W*****g Not A Crock Of Something

Let's put our hands together for Rick Wagoner, the CEO and Chairman of General Motors, who just discovered how to clean up after his s**t-loving Vice-Chairman, "Maximum" Bob Lutz. It was exactly a month ago when we first told you about product czar "Maximum" Bob's claim that global warming was simply a crock of...you… » 3/12/08 5:05pm 3/12/08 5:05pm

Bob Lutz on Global Warming: "Total Crock of Shit"

Agree or disagree with the sentiments of GM's product czar Bob Lutz, you have to respect him for his frankness. In our experience, it's fairly easy to identify a total crock of shit like global warming once you take into consideration the complex interactions of geophysics, global weather patterns and complex high… » 2/12/08 5:45pm 2/12/08 5:45pm

Europe Considers Banning High Performance Cars

Sweet George Washington. Looks like the green-toothed, cheese-eating surrender monkeys are saddling up to the hoon-hating Pope. Sorry to revert to silly stereotypes, but this is just lousy. European leaders are in talks with each other discussing the possibility of banning high-powered sports cars on the Continent… » 6/26/07 6:15pm 6/26/07 6:15pm

CARB Looks To Ban Refrigerant Sales To Public

The California Air Resources Board, in a attempt to comply with the greenhouse gas reduction requirements of Schwarzenegger-signed AB 32, votes today on a possible ban of small cans of air-conditioner refrigerant containing HFC 134a aka R134a (i.e., the supposedly ozone-layer-friendly stuff that replaced good ol'… » 6/21/07 6:30pm 6/21/07 6:30pm

The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts, Part 5: UK Encourages Less Meat Consumption

One of Los Jalops has been a vegetarian for nearly exactly twelve years now. At the time, he drove a V8 automobile. Twelve years later, he still drives a V8 automobile. That is to say, he's sort of a hypocrite, yet with the amount he actually drives said V8 automobile, coupled with his reduced appetite for… » 6/01/07 4:45pm 6/01/07 4:45pm

Global Warming Ditty Raises Awareness, Shatters Glass

When we were in junior high we had an earth sciences teacher who taught us about carbon dioxide emissions, the greenhouse effect, and the rapidly approaching ice age. As Meatloaf bellowed out to Cher a little later - two out of three ain't bad. What us kids didn't have back then were video cameras, a bunch of… » 5/30/07 2:30pm 5/30/07 2:30pm

Autobahn Speed Limits Now, Demands EU Environment Overlord

European Union Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday that screaming autobahn speed jockeys "waste energy in a completely
senseless way and burden the climate" and called for unspecified speed limits as part of European efforts to reduce carbon emissions. For the most… » 3/12/07 9:00am 3/12/07 9:00am

Go, Go, Mister Show! Group Wants to Shut Down Chicago Auto Show

Guess we'd better make other plans for this week, lest we run afoul of one pro-bicycle group that aims to shut down the Chicago auto show. The group, AutoShowShutdown.org recently launched a web parody of the Chicago show's site, on which they provided counterpoint to the show site's content. The group even rebuffed… » 2/05/07 10:49am 2/05/07 10:49am

The LA Times Calls Lockyer's Lawsuit Bluff

We just checked out an op-ed piece in the LAT and we have to agree — it's simply not sporting for California AG Bill Lockyer to sue automakers for obeying the law. Every new car sold by the major automakers in California meets CARB emissions standards, so how can an agent of the state sue people for obeying the law?… » 9/22/06 11:15pm 9/22/06 11:15pm