Ask Global Rallycross Stars Scott Speed And Tanner Foust Anything

Global Rallycross is the motorsport of the moment. Rally cars drifting and jumping all in a stadium? Sign us up! And since they're holding their first New York event this weekend, Andretti Autosport drivers Tanner Foust and Scott Speed will be here for an hour to answer all your questions. Let's go! » 7/17/14 2:48pm 7/17/14 2:48pm

Hey, We're Red Bull Global Rallycross

Greetings, Kinja-sphere! We're Red Bull Global Rallycross. For those of you who are aware of us already, yes, this is our official blog within the Kinja network. We're incredibly grateful to Gawker Media, and especially our friends at Jalopnik, for helping us get set up here. » 7/14/14 12:06pm 7/14/14 12:06pm

Global RallyCross Is As Close As You'll Ever Get To Gymkhana Nirvana

Ken Block's Gymkhana 6 drops tomorrow, and I can personally guarantee that it is over five minutes of awesome. Unfortunately you'll probably never be able to get up close with the real star of the Gymkhana series, the Hoonigan Ford Fiesta. Unless you go see Global RallyCross. When it's right there in front of your… » 11/10/13 12:22pm 11/10/13 12:22pm

Global Rally Cross Ends In SEMA With A Slidey, Smokey Finish

Global Rally Cross Ends In SEMA With A Slidey, Smokey Finish Tanner Foust sealed up the Global Rallycross Championship at the season finale at SEMA. He may have won, but the star of the show was Brian Deegan, who dove into second place and drove the rest of the race completely sideways. It was fantastically hoony. » 10/31/12 10:46am 10/31/12 10:46am

Is The FIA About To Ban Drivers From Competing In Global RallyCross?

Rumor has it that the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) will move to ban drivers from competing both in their events and the Global RallyCross (GRC) series. This would mean WRC drivers like Sebastien Loeb and Ken Block, as well as European Rallycross drivers like Tanner Foust and Liam Doran, would no… » 8/09/12 10:32pm 8/09/12 10:32pm