Holy Crap Tanner Foust Will Rallycross This 560 HP Volkswagen Beetle

In the World Rally Championship, a Volkswagen Polo is the weapon VW deploys to annihilate the competition. But for Global RallyCross, they're about to unleash a nasty beast of a Beetle that no one will be making flower vase jokes about. » 2/06/14 8:13am 2/06/14 8:13am

Global RallyCross Is As Close As You'll Ever Get To Gymkhana Nirvana

Ken Block's Gymkhana 6 drops tomorrow, and I can personally guarantee that it is over five minutes of awesome. Unfortunately you'll probably never be able to get up close with the real star of the Gymkhana series, the Hoonigan Ford Fiesta. Unless you go see Global RallyCross. When it's right there in front of your… » 11/10/13 12:22pm 11/10/13 12:22pm

Is The FIA About To Ban Drivers From Competing In Global RallyCross?

Rumor has it that the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) will move to ban drivers from competing both in their events and the Global RallyCross (GRC) series. This would mean WRC drivers like Sebastien Loeb and Ken Block, as well as European Rallycross drivers like Tanner Foust and Liam Doran, would no longer … » 8/09/12 10:32pm 8/09/12 10:32pm

The Global RallyCross Championship Has Its Moment

So far this season, the Global RallyCross Championship has been more notable for seriously injuring its competitors than giving them a chance to race. One race featured more red flags than a Chinese military parade and others notably few chances to pass. » 7/15/12 2:30pm 7/15/12 2:30pm

Ford hires Tanner Foust, doesn't fire Ken Block for wearing shorts

This week's best rumor: Tanner Foust was given the $500,000 Global RallyCross Ford sponsorship after Ken Block was fired for showing up in shorts 90 minutes late to a meeting with Bill Ford Jr. That's half true.
» 3/16/11 2:30pm 3/16/11 2:30pm