GM Global Sales Up 3.0% To 9.37 Million Vehicles, Possibly Tied With Toyota

GM would prefer you look at the big picture, announcing today that it sold 9,369,524 vehicles worldwide. This brings them to a tie with Toyota, which announced they sold 9.37 million vehicles (but has yet to give us the total number). Globally, this was a 3.0% increase over 2006 and the second best global sales number… »1/23/08 9:45am1/23/08 9:45am

Tesla Nixes Battery Deal, to Focus on Not Building Cars

Tesla Motors' plans to sell battery packs to Norwegian company Think Global has been put on hold as the company plans to focus on shipping cars to the 600 people who paid a lot of money and still have nothing to drive (except a fleet of other cars, presuming they're very wealthy). It was hoped this deal would help… »11/01/07 1:00pm11/01/07 1:00pm