Brabus Gives the Mercedes GL a Wide Stance

Not known for subtlety, the boys and girls at Brabus have taken the standard GL-Class Mercedes Benz, which was already a decently mean looking ride, and have touched it up in a way that reminds us why the French built the Maginot Line. The first thing you notice is the giganto-style aesthetic, which includes wider… » 12/13/07 11:15am 12/13/07 11:15am

Tuner Ute: Carlsson's Take on the Mercedes GL500

It's far more domesticated than its G-Wagen sibling, but the Mercedes GL500 full-sizer is nonetheless tuneworthy. German shop Carlsson is the latest to do a workup on the largest of Merc's utes, holding to the tenets of libert , egalit and fraternit speed, power and luxury. The first is accomplished by way of… » 10/10/06 11:38am 10/10/06 11:38am