Brabus Gives the Mercedes GL a Wide Stance

Not known for subtlety, the boys and girls at Brabus have taken the standard GL-Class Mercedes Benz, which was already a decently mean looking ride, and have touched it up in a way that reminds us why the French built the Maginot Line. The first thing you notice is the giganto-style aesthetic, which includes wider… » 12/13/07 11:15am 12/13/07 11:15am

Detroit Auto Show Preview: Mercedes-Benz Vision GL 420 Bluetec Concept

Hey, here's one that's not on embargo — it's the Bluetec diesel concept GL 420 Vision, or is that Vision GL 420 Bluetec Concept diesel? Either way, Mercedes is continuing its cleaner-diesel strategy for the US by showing a version of its largest SUV, fitted with aqueous urea-spraying, emissions-scrubbing whatnots, in… » 1/03/07 4:35pm 1/03/07 4:35pm

Tuner Ute: Carlsson's Take on the Mercedes GL500

It's far more domesticated than its G-Wagen sibling, but the Mercedes GL500 full-sizer is nonetheless tuneworthy. German shop Carlsson is the latest to do a workup on the largest of Merc's utes, holding to the tenets of libert , egalit and fraternit speed, power and luxury. The first is accomplished by way of… » 10/10/06 11:38am 10/10/06 11:38am

Third Row with More Go: Brabus Mercedes GL-Class

The tuning gnomes at Brabus have worked up a package for the Mercedes GL-Class that will have speed-freak lacrosse moms begging their private banking reps for liquidity. Like other Brabus-tweaked Mercs that originally sported the 5.5-liter V8, Brabus customers can choose the company's 6.1-liter bored-out version for… » 8/21/06 8:22am 8/21/06 8:22am

More Shindiggin' With Dieter, Bluetec, GL-Class

Dieter went forth from Chrysler's booth and took command of his own, opening his first press conference as J rgen's replacement with a silly boardroom skit about what Americans want in a car. From there he espoused the wonders of the eighth-gen S-Class as well as the new Bluetec motors available this fall. The… » 1/08/06 5:22pm 1/08/06 5:22pm

Mercedes Releases Official Photos of New GL-Class SUV

After quite a year of spying by photogs and sneaking all 'round by Mercedes, the company has released the first full set of official press images of its new GL-Class SUV, ahead of the truck's official launch at the Detroit auto show next month. The bruiser will debut in the US market with Merc's 335hp 4.6-liter V8… » 12/09/05 12:00am 12/09/05 12:00am