Before he crashed his Enzo, Stefan Eriksson raced a Ferrari 360 at Le Mans

You may remember a certain Swede named Bo Stefan Eriksson. He’s the Swedish criminal-masquerading-as-tech-executive at the smoke and mirrors company Tiger Telematics, makers of the Gizmondo game console, and who, on a fateful day in February 2006, propelled a Ferrari Enzo at 200 mph into a pole on the Pacific Coast… » 3/22/11 10:00am 3/22/11 10:00am

Gizmondo Ferrari Enzo Crash Perfectly Recreated In Scale Form

Take the now infamous Stefan Eriksson Ferrari Enzo Crash, an Enzo model kit and a lot of free time and you get this lovingly detailed, expertly recreated and irrepressibly awesome diorama. That it came from Jalopnik reader/commenter HansStuckJr just makes it that much cooler. Photos of the original crash and photos of… » 1/31/08 10:45am 1/31/08 10:45am

CNN Web Site Serves Up Semi-Naughty Word To Describe Enzo-Busting Ex-Gizmondo Exec

We're known to drop an f-bomb or two on occasion on these pages, just for, you know, dramatic effect. Sometimes that drama even includes an s-bomb and a d-bomb, and although we've yet to drop the c-bomb, we've pretty much used every other four-lettered expletive we can think of. But unlike CNN.com, we've never used… » 1/24/07 11:51am 1/24/07 11:51am

Oh, The Stefan Saga Never Ends, Does It? Eriksson's F1 Deal

Over at Pitpass, former Jordan marketing head Mark Gallagher offers his take on the Gizmondo mess from an insider's perspective, having dealt with Carl Freer shortly before his departure and maintaining contact with a number of folks involved while the whole thing began to unravel. Interestingly enough, Jordan was… » 8/15/06 6:30am 8/15/06 6:30am