Biker Drops Double Shot Of "NOS" Into Fuel Tank, Makes Internet Laugh

A forumite at Gixxer claims he poured two 20 oz. bottles of NOS into his motorcycle's fuel tank because it was "running like crap." There's only one "NOS" that comes in 20 oz. sizes — the energy drink. Forum troll or honest-to-goodness recollection of an epic failure? You decide. » 5/21/09 4:40pm 5/21/09 4:40pm

Gixxer Cat! The Twin-Engined Tiger Z100WR

The Perse School for Girls must be quite proud indeed (or not) of alum Vicky Vicki Butler Henderson's car-racing chickfactor — shown here on an old-school episode of Top Gear. But if you haven't seen her pilot Tiger Racing's 1245-lb Se7en clone, powered by two, 150-hp Suzuki GSXR-100 engines (Al Navarro call the… » 11/20/06 9:35am 11/20/06 9:35am