Warehouse Full Of Vintage Race Cars... And All But The XK140 Are For Sale!

Technically, this isn't a barn find; it's the collection of a lifelong racer in Southern California who is now retiring from the sport and plans to get down to just one car from his fairly extensive collection of race machines, classics, show cars, and projects. There's some painfully »10/03/08 6:40pm10/03/08 6:40pm cool stuff in this dusty…

British Columbia, Where You'll Find Alfas and... La Forzas?

Here are some more DOTS Bonus Edition photos that have been waiting for quite a while; Benson2175 spotted what appears to be a very nice early-60s Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider up there in British Columbia and had camera at the ready. Which was pretty cool and all, but then he went and found a La Forza SUV. A what? »3/07/08 2:00pm3/07/08 2:00pm