You Can Officially Begin Piecing Together Your Own Alfa Romeo Giulia Now

While Alfa Romeo hasn’t quite gifted us the what-if build generator of our dreams just yet, the company has updated its US website to include a color generator and a full list of available options and features for the Giulia sports sedan. Why make a Christmas list when you could just print this out? »11/23/15 7:00pm11/23/15 7:00pm


Possible Leaked Document Reportedly Shows The Alfa Romeo Giulia Engine Lineup

As Alfa Romeo plans to definitely (maybe) make a comeback Stateside, so far it has only shown off the 4c roadster and the hot Quadrifoglio Verde specification of its M3-fighting Giulia sedan. If this supposed leaked document is anything to go by, we now have a better look at Alfa’s American plans. »11/16/15 9:30pm11/16/15 9:30pm