Giugiaro Quaranta Concept Fully Revealed, Has Toyota Hybrid Drive Under Strangely Sloping Hood-Windshield Thing

The Giugiaro folks have been teasing us for days with cropped crap shots of the Quaranta concept car they'll be revealing at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Now we've got a set of press photos of the edgy wedge that's been four decades in the coming in all of its full glory. Oh, and we told you it'd be greener around… »2/29/08 11:40am2/29/08 11:40am


Giugiaro Quaranta: Giugiaro Concept Named, Third Set Of Teaser Shots Dropped

The good little Italian boys n' girls over at Italdesign have gone ahead and released their third batch of teaser shots of the car we're very much looking forward to seeing in Geneva next month, the Giugiaro Quaranta. We've already shown you a few shots and this hot load rounds out the threesome of teaser shots from… »2/28/08 10:40am2/28/08 10:40am