ECTO-1 Gets A Sound System Upgrade In Time For SEMA

In conjunction with the upcoming 25th anniversary release of the greatest ghost-hunting comedy ever, Ghostbusters » 11/04/08 12:45pm 11/04/08 12:45pm, Sony has outfitted the original, fully restored ECTO-1 with an extensive Sony entertainment system packed with all manner of gadgets for . The classic Cadillac ambulance features Sony Xplod subwoofers, a…

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters (and the ECTO-1)

We were incredulous to find in our long an illustrious history, there has been nary a whisper of the Ghostbuster's iconic ambulance turned phantasm fighting mega wagon, the Ecto-1. Considering that, what better opportunity to feature it than on Maximum Wagon Day? Yes, running around the house as a kid pretending to be… » 2/20/08 4:20pm 2/20/08 4:20pm