Breaking: Nissan and Infiniti are Now "Gay-Friendly"

First of all, good on Ghosn. But, we find it a little odd that Nissan North America waited until after they left Los Angeles for greener pastures in Nashville to announce domestic partnership benefits for all their employees, be they gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. Maybe the South really is changing? Or maybe they… »11/30/06 6:19pm11/30/06 6:19pm

Ghosn Crazy? Renault-Nissan Looking to Buy Minority Interest in GM

Automotive News is reporting GM's chief side-thorn Kirk Kerkorian — who controls 9.9% of the company's stock — is pushing a deal that would allow Renault-Nissan to buy a minority interest in General Motors. But that's not the end of it. In a letter Kerkorian wrote to Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and Renault… »6/30/06 11:47am6/30/06 11:47am

Don't Know What to Do When Blue Turns to Red: Nissan Eyeing Move from California to a "T State"

Goodbye smoothies, hello Old Grand Dad. According to the AIADA newsletter, Nissan is said to be considering relocating its SoCal presence to somewhere cheaper closer to its southeastern manufacturing base, like red states Texas or Tennessee. CEO Carlos "I Do Not Look Like Mr. Bean, You Hack" Ghosn said the new HQ… »10/20/05 4:01pm10/20/05 4:01pm