The Action Never Stops In This Town: Italian Machinery Invades Alameda

October is generally the warmest month here by the Bay, so that's when you get the big car shows on the island. On Saturday, Park Street was taken over by hundreds of chromium-dipped chariots » 10/14/08 1:45pm 10/14/08 1:45pm; the following day, a horde of Ferraris, Fiats, Lancias, Alfas, and the like swarmed across the bridges and set up shop on the …

Italian Style With Hollywood Pedigree: 1966 Ghia 450SS Could Be Yours!

If you're looking for a fast Italian machine from the 60s, you've got your Ferraris and Maseratis and such, and even your Intermeccanicas » 9/09/08 3:00pm 9/09/08 3:00pm. Don't stop with those cars, though, because didn't just do coachwork for other manufacturers- they made a few cars themselves! This , once owned by Wilt Chamberlain, has had its…

The 1978 Mustang Ghia: Even Better Than Being A Knife-Thrower's Target!

By the fifth year of the Mustang II, Ford's ads for the Pinto-esque pony were taking a different approach than those from '74. In 1978, you could pick up a new base Mustang Ghia (i.e., the one with the Malaise-o-riffic 88-horse four-cylinder) for less than the 1977 price. Sign us up! » 7/29/08 10:30am 7/29/08 10:30am

eBay Find of the Day: Have Ghia 450 SS Will Travel to Port of Rotterdam

What happens when the most celebrated Italian designers get their hands on a Mopar catalog? Nothing much, these days (perhaps a Bertone-tuned Jeep Compass?). But there was a time when such pairups were as fruitful as the Rossellini-Bergman mashup. One such fruit was the Ghia 450SS, a Barracuda-powered model, designed… » 12/29/06 8:29am 12/29/06 8:29am