Driver Crashes Muscle Car Onto Bush's Lawn

A man was questioned by the Secret Service Wednesday night after driving a Plymouth Barracuda onto the lawn of former President George W. Bush's home near Dallas. » 12/23/10 7:50am 12/23/10 7:50am

At Least The Volga Will Be Remembered Fondly

Another photo from the happy past shows former Presidents Bush And Putin driving the Russian leader's awesome 1956 Volga around Moscow. Four years later and Russian-American relations have never been stronger! » 2/23/09 6:00pm 2/23/09 6:00pm

Bush Limo Breaks Down In Rome, Bush Walks

Why yes, that IS the President of the United States of 'merica being forced to walk after his Cadillac DTS experiences a minor "engine issue" while in Rome this past weekend. We could make some kind of a joke about bullshit walking, but really, does the man deserve any more ridicule. I mean it Italian people, stop… » 6/11/07 3:15pm 6/11/07 3:15pm

Detroit News Tells Tall Tale On Bush, Blames Blogs

There's a big reason we didn't cover the silly little anecdote told by Alan Mulally at the New York Auto Show last week — we actually were watching it unfold live on CNBC at the time, and realized his comments in New York were nothing more than an embellished joke, hardly worth of a mention. But his anecdote, that… » 4/11/07 9:51am 4/11/07 9:51am

President Bush Plays With Cars, Has A Really Corny Meeting With US…

We love it anytime Bush speaks and he's not behind a podium. We just love how he walks struts out all gunslinger-like. Seriously, it just tickles us in all sorts of wonderful ways. Today he's taking the CEO's of the traditional US automakers, and yeah, they showed off their "very relevant" E85-powered vehicles… » 3/26/07 2:49pm 3/26/07 2:49pm

Bush Kisses Some Ass, Visits Ford, GM Plants In Kansas City

Glad to see President Bush is finally starting to pay some attention to the US automakers more than once every two years. We're happy the President's going to be gracing two plants today with his royal presence, and we're hopeful it, along with a potential meeting next week, signals an increasing realization of the… » 3/20/07 2:20pm 3/20/07 2:20pm

E85 for All Our Friends: Bush and Lula Party in Brazil

President Bush is in Brazil today causing a ruckus, creating traffic jams, and hanging out at at a mega fuel depot touting the new biofuels agreement between Brazil and the USA. Brazil is the world's largest single producer of ethanol, making theirs from sugary cane instead of corn. While chumming around with Brazil… » 3/09/07 12:30pm 3/09/07 12:30pm

State Of The Union Schadenfreude: Bush's Big Wood...Chips

With Bush talking in last night's State Of The Union about all sorts of car-related issues, we thought we'd take a moment to walk you through what some of the talking heads said about the speech's salient auto-related subjects. Mostly because it's sometimes funny, and well, we were too busy trying to figure out how… » 1/24/07 10:15am 1/24/07 10:15am

Jalopnik Does Math Good: A Corny State Of The Union Address?

Ok, so here's what we know. Earlier today FoMoCo issues a press release tauting six states receiving a test fleet of new E85-fueled hybrid Escape SUV's (gallery below). On top of that news, but wholly unrelated, there appears to be some kind of a run in stocks of companies involved in E85 production today. We've also… » 1/23/07 3:11pm 1/23/07 3:11pm

Rappin' With The President Wrap-Up: US Auto Execs Play In The Rose…

We were a bit slow on the Tivo button, so all we've got is the last four minutes of the just-to-the-side-of-the Rose Garden press conference where "Slick" Rick Wagoner, Tom "Two-Shoes" LaSorda and Alan "Get Yer Irish Up Like A Boeing Jet" Mulally officially reported out the obvs outcome of their meeting with the… » 11/14/06 5:15pm 11/14/06 5:15pm

Clear The Streets, DC! US Auto Chieftains Driving To Meet President At…

Just a reminder if you're reading guys, you've got less than an hour to hightail it over to your meeting at the White House. Y'all won't want to be late as you've only got 45 minutes with President Bush — so make it snappy. We've heard that the General's CEO, Rick Wagoner, will be driving a Saturn VUE Greenline… » 11/14/06 12:45pm 11/14/06 12:45pm

Jalopnik Poll: A Real Live Meeting At The White House?

After more delays than we can keep track of, the long-awaited meeting between President Bush and the automakers is finally here. After six long years, Bush has finally found time in his busy schedule to meet with the heads of the traditional big three — and boy, we're expecting it to be chock full o' meaty issues like… » 11/13/06 12:48pm 11/13/06 12:48pm

A Tony Snowball's Chance In Hell? White House Press Flack Comments On…

What weirdness is afoot at the White House these days — or more importantly, what's Tony Snow smoking? David Shepardson's article in today's Detroit News included a sidebar with a quote from the White House press flack that we're struggling to comprehend. Snowball said: » 10/17/06 10:14am 10/17/06 10:14am

Ok, so we've got a couple of questions...

Minnesota "Macaca": Local Congressional Staffer Goes Japan-Bashing

Senator George Allen from Virginia's got nothing on Mike Osskopp, the district office director for Minnesota Representative John Kline. Osskopp, for some strange reason went bezerk at a rally for Kline's Democratic opponent, Coleen Rowley — and ended up being captured on film yelling "another Jap car...your buddies… » 9/20/06 12:57pm 9/20/06 12:57pm

Bush To Automakers: "Yes, I'll Meet With You...After The Election...I…

The White House yesterday claims to finally have decided to meet with US automakers in a meeting that's been scheduled and re-scheduled and now re-scheduled yet again, this time for after the mid-term elections. The boys n' girls at the center of the beltway finally confirmed to the Detroit News yesterday that "the… » 9/06/06 8:53am 9/06/06 8:53am

Sometimes A Guv's Gotta Do What A Guv's Gotta Do: Michigan Guv Granholm…

Michigan's Governor Granholm knows that just because the Commander-in-Chief doesn't have the time to meet with the leaders of the Big Three, it don't mean she can't help to solve one of their problems all by her lonesome. The Guv's gone and found a way to get some more of those darn-hard-to-find E85 pumps into… » 8/29/06 4:30pm 8/29/06 4:30pm

Dan Howes: "Top GOP Leaders To Big Three: Drop Dead"

You know, the more the American automotive industry gets ignored by the folks with all the power in Washington, the more we start to like columnist Dan Howes over at the more-conservative- than-the-Freep Detroit News. In todays edition he pens a piece on the intricacies of the bullshit that is federal involvement… » 8/23/06 10:00am 8/23/06 10:00am

George W Bush: Bad For Cars, Good For Motorcycles

We know Dubya doesn't have time to meet with US automakers — but was it necessary for him to rub it in their faces by plopping onto a Harley yesterday? More importantly, what's up with the sunglasses there, Bono? » 8/17/06 8:31am 8/17/06 8:31am

Breaking! Prez Bush Sez Not Snubbing Big Three, But No Meeting's Planned

This meeting's supposed to have happened since April, but for some reason the President just can't seem to make time for three of the nation's largest employers. Yes, he had time for a ten-day brush-clearing vacay down in Texas — but hey, some things have to take priority, right? Tony Snow was asked a question on it… » 8/16/06 3:06pm 8/16/06 3:06pm

Governor Granholm Pleads With King George: "Grant Our Automakers A…

A fort-night ago 'twas decreed no US automakers shall be granted audience with King George, he of divine right and providence province. Lo' what is this? Despite said decree, there be one who still challenges the King. It is Lady Granholm, Governor of the lands of Mee-chee-gahn, protector of the automotive heritage… » 7/05/06 6:28pm 7/05/06 6:28pm