George Clooney's unchecked libido sells Mercedes in China

Movie star and international playboy George Clooney's latest foray into car advertising shows him speeding off in a Mercedes E-Class limousine around China in an apparent attempt to make happy fun time with a Chinese woman. But why? » 10/17/11 2:30pm 10/17/11 2:30pm

FM Radio + Mullet = '69 Camaro SS

Here's a competition that warms our heart. 93.1 Jack FM, which we listen to when we can't find any decent Cool Jazz on the radio in L.A., is mimicking the NCAA basketball tourney and sponsoring their own version of bracketville, featuring awesome mullets. The finest mullet in all the land will win a '69 Camaro SS. » 3/12/08 3:30pm 3/12/08 3:30pm

George Clooney, Girlfriend Hurt In Motorcycle Accident In New Jersey

The smug-causing star of Oceans 9 10 11 and his girlfriend Sarah Larson were injured on Friday when Clooney crashed the motorcycle they were on while driving on a narrow road across the Hudson River in Jersey. Clooney's reportedly suffered a broken rib and Larson broke her foot. Both have been released from the… » 9/22/07 11:19am 9/22/07 11:19am

Running on Irony: Prius-Driving Celebs Can Be Real Environmental…

George Clooney and Julia Roberts might want to look twice at the eco-tab they're running up before staring daggers at SUV owners. The celeb-watchers at TMZ have compiled a list of celebs well known for huffing recirculated methane — as they drive off in their Prii, or in Clooney's case, tearing around Hollywood in an… » 10/25/06 11:53am 10/25/06 11:53am

Tango and Clooney

Remember that time that our west coast celebrity-blogging sibling Defamer got some news on George Clooney's electric car, and we were all like "Defamer got some car news before us, wow." And then remember we were like, totally jealous and stuff? Hell, even big brother/sister/poppa/momma bear Gawker was impressed.… » 4/27/06 10:15pm 4/27/06 10:15pm

Tango With Clooney: George and His E-Date

We were just tipped to these shots of George Clooney with the Tango he's reportedly been seen doing electric-powered burnouts around Hollywood in (we made that up). (Word is Clooney bought the car sight unseen for $80,000.) Now, Commuter Cars Corp. is reportedly working on a custom Tango for Clooney that will feature… » 12/12/05 12:17pm 12/12/05 12:17pm

Clooney Tangos Through Hollywood that we're in California, we've gots to do some edumacatin' here to our brilliant-but-automotively-challenged brother Defamer. He's sorta like the inverse of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. Or something. We've totally forgotten the plot of that movie, except that it had something to do with Lambos coming… » 11/29/05 5:00am 11/29/05 5:00am

What Would George Clooney Drive?: Tango und Cash

Our Los Angeles bro who cracks wise to Hollywood power, Defamer, posted a shot of actor George Clooney's new, Prodrive-built Tango 600 electric one-seater parked outside the star's trailer on set of "The Good German." Clooney took delivery of the electric wonder earlier this year, but to our knowledge has yet to… » 11/25/05 10:24am 11/25/05 10:24am