George Clooney, Girlfriend Hurt In Motorcycle Accident In New Jersey

The smug-causing star of Oceans 9 10 11 and his girlfriend Sarah Larson were injured on Friday when Clooney crashed the motorcycle they were on while driving on a narrow road across the Hudson River in Jersey. Clooney's reportedly suffered a broken rib and Larson broke her foot. Both have been released from the… »9/22/07 11:19am9/22/07 11:19am

Running on Irony: Prius-Driving Celebs Can Be Real Environmental Douchebags

George Clooney and Julia Roberts might want to look twice at the eco-tab they're running up before staring daggers at SUV owners. The celeb-watchers at TMZ have compiled a list of celebs well known for huffing recirculated methane — as they drive off in their Prii, or in Clooney's case, tearing around Hollywood in an… »10/25/06 11:53am10/25/06 11:53am