President Bush Rumored To Consider Handing Over $25 Billion Loan Program To Automakers Like, Now

MSNBC »11/11/08 10:50am11/11/08 10:50am is reporting President-current Bush has said he'll consider amending the automaker low-interest loan guarantee program to allow the automakers to get the money right now and use it for whatever they need. The decision is being made because many economists say helping US automakers is a big part of preventing…


State Of The Union: Bush Pays Weak Lip Service To Automotive Technological Innovation

As opposed to previous years, the president used only a small part of his State of the Union address to talk about the importance of reducing our dependence on foreign oil. We've read and reread the portion of the speech dedicated to energy and... well... there isn't much there. Mostly, he talked about funding the… »1/28/08 9:44pm1/28/08 9:44pm