Cars that time forgot - Geo Storm GSi

I decided to go in a slightly different route this time as the car in question today is neither a 1-year only special edition nor is it a limited production unicorn. In fact, the Geo Storm can be found relatively easy by CTTF standards. The GSi is by no means common, but with production numbers in the thousands it is… »3/21/14 3:50pm3/21/14 3:50pm


The Thunderstorm Is Part Geo Storm, Part Subaru Brat, 100% Awesome

As much as we may be inclined to mock the Thunderstorm, which combines the nose and a powertrain of a Geo Storm with the rear end of a Subaru Brat and was constructed with an impressive level of parts-bin rummaging, we're in awe of how cool it actually is. The Thunderstorm is up for sale due to the "RECENT PASTING" of… »11/11/08 2:30pm11/11/08 2:30pm

Stripper Gets Drunk, Covers With Car Jacking Story - Geo Storm Only Flaw

Brandy Hicks is a young lady of many talents, stripping being one of them, lying to the cops being another. Seems she didn't want the party to end after her shift at Orlando's Dancers Royale on Monday, and danced the night away, with booze. Waking up in the morning she was confronted with a problem, seems the… »2/27/08 11:20am2/27/08 11:20am